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Welcome to the ETHICON® Suture Catalogue. In this catalogue you will find over 5.000 codes of suture material. 

How to find the product of your needs

There are two possibilities to find the product of your needs.

  1. Use the Search Box on the top right corner. You may search for (part of) a product code, a product name (e.g. VICRYL® or STRATAFIX) or needle code (RB-1)
  2. Use the smart filter. In simple 4 steps you narrow our vast portfolio down to the selection of your choice. When you are in the results page, you can change the filter by hotting the arrow on the lkeft side of your screen.

Explanation of Terms

Needle Type/Needle Shape Symbol
These symbols represent the needle point specifics.

Suture materials are designated by color and construction characteristics (eg Undyed Braided, Violet Braided, etc.)

Suture length is shown in both inches and the approximate metric equivalent. Multi-strand means 3 or 8 strands per packet. These products are packaged 12, 24 or 36 packets per box.

The CR mark refers to control release needle sutures.

Product Name
Sutures and other ETHICON® products are designated by trademarked and generic names.

Suture size, denoting the diameter of the material, is in accordance with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Needle Length
Needle length is the actual length measured in millimeters. Needle lengths can be found within the Needle Section and throughout the catalog to the right of the needle code. As a user you will find that many of these needle lengths have been rounded off. Recognize that the needles are not changing, but for consistency Ethicon has applied a rounding convention to all needle lengths. Due to timing differences, the box and label dimensions may not match the catalog exactly, but will be updated accordingly in the near future.

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